​Tai Chi & Chi Kung

tai chi chuanTai Chi Chuan (also written as Taijiquan) is an ancient Chinese form of exercise originally created as a martial art. An integral element of Tai Chi is Chi Kung (Qi Gong), which means “cultivation of energy”. In my classes, we practice Chi Kung with particular attention to Zhan Zhuang Kung (站桩), a series of simple and apparently static positions that balance and tone the body’s energy meridians.

Chi Kung nurtures and harmonizes our inner energy. It cultivates our physical and mental well-being. It gives us strength and vitality. Chi Kung allows to approach our daily life with more serenity and consciousness.

"Small movement is better than big movement, no movement is better than small movement"

Chi Kung is a very old art. The most ancient evidence of the practises of strectching movements (Ba Duan Jin) were painted on ancient silk rolls found in an an old tomb dating to the first millennium before Christ.

Tai Chi

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Zhan Zhuang

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Ba Duan Jin (Eight Brocades)

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