Empty yourself and let the universe fill you...

Chi Kung

Zhan Zhuang Kung 


    Chi kung (Qi Gong) means “cultivation of energy”


An ancient system of exercises developed through
thousands of years 
in China
Simple and apparently static positions
natural movements: 
"small movement is better than big movement,
no movement is better than small movement"
Chi Kung nurtures and harmonizes our inner energy .
It stirs up our physical and mental well-being.
It gives us strength and vitality.
Chi Kung allows to approach our daily life 
with more serenity and consciousness
It is a very old art
The most ancient evidence of the practises
of strectching movements (Ba Duan Jin)
were painted on ancient silk rolls found in an esposed
in an old tomb
dated to first millennium before Christ.
They were therefore already long before known




Paintings on silk of physical exercises (Daoyintu)  found in the tomb  

in the Hunan province in China 

and dated to ca. 200 BCE



  and their recounstruction 




    Zhan Zhuang Kung 

is the form of Chi Kung which could be
translated into
“standing like a tree”.
It has been  established by
Professor Yu Yong Nian in China
and transmitted to the West
by Master Lam Kam Chuen. 
It combines the therapeutic aspects of
Zhan Zhuang 
with the physical training of the martial arts
for developing strength and concentration.
Constant practice of the art has
a healthy impact 
on the nervous system, 
activates our internal energy 
and nurtures our vitality:
It makes us to feel better,
balanced and positive.
Zhan Zhaung Kung 
has been successfully applied to the
cure of chronic sickness 
and correction of wrong postures.
I am profoundly indebted to my teacher
Anders Håkansson
for bringing me to this path. 
He died in 2011.
His inspiration will always last.