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Interview on Chi kung /Qi gong

For more information on my way to approach to chi kung /qi qong  read an interview of me on the Yogalab site: https://www.yogalab.nl/chiara-cavallo


 Qi gong & Tai chi

For a good introduction to the purposes and benefits of Tai Chi and Qi gong have a look at the following video: A Journey into Tai Chi: an ancient martial art unfolding into modern day ' Medicine in  Motion'  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lD337rpR5c


 Stand still, be fit

For routine working out of the art look at the serie made by the BBC "Stand still, be fit" where Master Lam himself is showing you how to perform and get benefit from the art of Zhan Zhuang (standing like a tree) Qi gong and the old accomplishment of health through the atavic Ba Dua Jin stretching on youtube:


Stand still, be fit (all days cached in one video):



Stand still, be fit _ day one 


from here you can follow the rest of the ten days. Just 10 minutes a day!


Master Lam

For more information on the art and on Mater Lam, visit the following websites

 Master Lam Lam Chuen http://www.lamkamchuen.com

Lam Associationwww.lamassociation.com


 Professor Yu

Reccomended to have a look at unvealing ceremony of the Professor Yu Memorial in Bejing